We aim to become the standard of physical care in Malaysia

Meet Haikal & Dan.

Support team

Hi, we're Haikal and Daniel, co-founders of Arke Fitness.

We've been friends for 6 years: met at the gym, did freelance together, and now we're building Arke together (you could call this a "bromance"...).

We both live an active lifestyle, we've competed in bodybuilding & powerlifting competitions (we even stood on podiums 😉).

And like most active people, we've experienced what it's like going to physiotherapy to fix an injury only for it to come back again.

Same with training, we know what it's like to push too hard only to get injured and be out for weeks.

We have searched far and wide for a solution, but a lot of today's methods focus on short term results while overlooking the long term.

That's why we experimented for over a year (not only with clients but ourselves) to come up with the perfect solution.

And that's what the Arke System is all about - We aim to become the standard of physical care in Malaysia.

By incorporating both physiotherapy & personal training best practices, we enable clients to workout with full intensity knowing that they are safely avoiding risk of injury.

Those with injuries not only recover, but they become even stronger as they learn how to strengthen & condition their body the right way.

With 100's of successful testimonials, we're confident that this is the future of physical care in Malaysia.

Meet the team

  • Haikal Shukri

    Co-Founder & Head of Personal Training

    Haikal Shukri is a Certified Personal Trainer and Resistance Training Specialist and is currently pursuing his Masters of Strength & Conditioning at The University of Malaya. His specialties include strength training, senior fitness, and body recomposition. From one-on-one sessions to group sessions of 150 people, Haikal has helped hundreds of clients ranging from corporate workers, athletes, and retirees. His mission is to make fitness effective and sustainable for everyone by guiding them to live healthier and happier lives for themselves.
  • Daniel Kam

    Co-Founder & Head of Physiotherapy

    Daniel Kam is a certified Physical Therapist who has completed his BSc (Hons) of Physical Therapy at INTI University. He staunchly believes that movement re-education is a crucial part of the journey to designing the body for longevity. He takes pride in equipping his clients with the context and confidence to move better, aiming to better care for their bodies.
  • Surya Hussein

    Physiotherapy Specialist

    Surya Hussein is an experienced physiotherapist who graduated with Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Hons) from UITM. Specializing in musculoskeletal and sports injury, she’s been working alongside various clients from different backgrounds. She’s a firm believer that our body has a unique ability to become resilient and adaptable. Her sessions are both individualized and customized, including a combination of manual therapy, exercises, and education. She’s passionate about building trust and relationships with her clients to help them achieve their goals.
  • Andrew Chong

    Personal Trainer

    Andrew Chong is an FEA Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Quantity Surveying. He focuses on helping his clients by creating specific training & nutritional interventions aligned to their needs. He believes in promoting healthy habits to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Andrew excels in simplifying important fitness concepts into easy-to-adopt solutions to educate and guide his clients through their fitness journey, advocating for gradual progress and sustainable lifestyle changes.